How many worms are under the ground?

This week, in science, Year 6 are investigating this question. Before they can do this, the children needed to find the best worm charming technique. The winning group managed to find 23 by using water and then stomping with their feet. Classification charts were then used to identify different species. Did you know there are 28 species of worm in the UK? 


Science at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

What a brilliant day spent learning all about animal adaptation. Our favourite animal was obviously the polar bear. We have already learnt so much about the Arctic through our topic this term. It was amazing to go and see a real one. One child even got to dress up as one and we were able to hold a real claw and skull. The children have also thought a lot about the reasons for and against keeping animals in zoos ready to plan a discussion piece of writing tomorrow. Take a look at some of our photos.