Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral is a historic building,
It is over nine hundred years old.
And is still perched happily upon a hill,
Although it was made in 1072.
It is made of limestone,bricks and partly
Even fossils.

As it was made in 1072,
It has seen many events like WW2 and the plague.
Its arch has survived through an earthquake and even 
A fire which is why it's still standing today.
It even remembers the time it all fell down.

The Cathedral hears all the arguments as to whether 
To add a slope to the entrance so that more people  
Have the experience of the Cathedral.

Lincoln Cathedral remembers the stain glass
Window,that was put up two times,
After falling down in an earthquake.
Some windows tell stories from the bible.

Lincoln Cathedral has a nave going through the
Center of part of the Cathedral.
It looks like the bottom of a ship,
Thats why it's called the nave,
Because nave means ship. 


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