The Mighty Lincoln Cathedral

The cathedral lies on top of the hill and looks over 
Lincoln City,
it's being a plague burial and a small housing estate.

The cathedral remembers more history than people 
have forgotten,
And lived through many disasters;fires,earthquakes and 
even war.

The cathedral has many doors that take ten men to open, 
Two double doors stand at the front of the cross welcoming people in.

The cathedral is home to a malicious imp who destroyed 
many things, so to punish him he got turned into stone,
When you come to the cathedral try and spot him but do notmess around as you may get turned into stone too.

The cathedral has multiple stained glass windows that 
possess beautiful and colourful paintings,
They told stories of the bible to those who could not 

The cathedral houses Big Tom the wonderful golden bell,
He chimes every hour of every day to tell people the time.


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