Lincoln Cathedral

The prehistoric cathedral.
Constructed out of stone as old as time.
The surviver living since 1072.
Enduring wars, earthquake and fires.
living on through the years giving people hope 
through the eyes of God.

Its singing bell dances elegantly from side to side 
Giving the pattern-filled cathedral a voice.
The chimes are the sound of religion, Christianity 
And positivity.

The nave of the cathedral.
The colossal arch like ceilings perchs at the top of the 
Taking people on their journey through Christianity.
People gathering, praying left, right and centre.
Their ancestors crawling on their hands and knees for 
Going over steep hills and cobbles on their pilgramidge
Just to get to the cathedral.

The cathedral witnesses its own wars against good and 
Angels against imps.
Good against evil.
Heroes against villains.
Evil is encased in stone and concrete hung up as a trophy.
Never to be seen alive again.